Winning Big: Slots vs. Table Games

When you begin to do some research about big winnings at online casinos, you will find players manage to activate incredible payouts with both slots and table games. However, there is a massive difference to these types of winnings as the game styles are unique in just about every possible way.

Of course, the most common way of winning big would be with a progressive jackpot, which is available with both table games and slots. However, to really get an idea of where you should play to activate huge winnings, you need to look at the games itself, how they provide winnings, what the highest possible payout is and what your chances of winning are.

Below, we provide you with the basic information about both slots and table games along with winning opportunities and what you need to win big.


Slots are by far the most common choice for big winnings as combinations can offer incredibly big amounts for standard combinations and during bonus features. Even without a progressive jackpot, it’s not uncommon for a combination to reward you with R10,000 or more from a single spin. This would depend on your betting value and the type of game you play, but the fact remains, these opportunities are available.

When it comes to your chances of winning, you’ll find slots are a little bit riskier than table games as these are purely based on luck and there is no way to determine when or how much you will win. The payout percentages or online slots are already a lot higher than that of a land-based casino, but most of the games are still lower than table games. 

With that we don’t mean you should go play table games to activate big winnings, but you might need to play slots for longer before that really big combination comes around. Of course, it’s completely possible to have lacked on your side and for the right symbols to stack up on any payline to give you a combination you want. Let’s face it, that is one of the things that make slots so attractive, which is something that isn’t available in table games. 

To win big with slots, you don’t need to wager incredibly big amounts, but playing at minimum bets also wouldn’t do you any favours when the big combination comes around. It is best to use a fair-sized betting value that suits your account balance and requirements as this will ensure that the combination or bonus feature you activate offer enough as all the coins you win on multiplied by the value you select.

Table Games

As mentioned above, you also get table games that offer progressive jackpot winnings, which as with slots aren’t easy to trigger and cannot be considered when you look at games that payout higher. To give table games such as roulette, baccarat, poker and blackjack at the chance, you need to look at the highest possible win and your betting value.

Most of these games don’t offer huge winnings as the house edge is already a lot lower than with other casino games such as slots. Therefore, table games don’t offer the same big winnings, but they do make it possible for players to use strategies that help them capitalize on rewards while also managing loss. 

While slots might have the big single round payouts, table games are better for long-term rewards as you have the control with your strategy. And that might not be such a thing as the perfect casino strategy as the house edge always remains in place but you can increase your winnings and profits by choosing a standard table game and applying a basic strategy, such as progressive betting.