How to Win at Roulette?

Roulette is considered by many casino experts and historians to be the oldest casino game in the world. In fact most people believe that it was roulette that gave birth to the modern casino as we know it today. The game of roulette was invented by pure chance, as a mathematician named Blaise Pascal discovered it by accident whilst trying to invent a perpetual motion device. Roulette is the French word for small wheel, and it did not take long for the game to become popular throughout Europe.

The game of roulette has since developed into a number of different versions, although the basic rules and gameplay have remained largely the same. All versions of the game are popular in South Africa, and is available at all top SA online casinos. One of the biggest challenges regarding online roulette has to do with the house edge that online casinos enjoy, which varies depending on which version of roulette you happen to be playing. While many believe that you will ultimately lose in roulette thanks to the house edge (casino advantage), we believe that there are a few measures that you can implement to mitigate this advantage.

How to Play Roulette in South Africa

We touched upon the idea that different versions of roulette will present a different house edge percentage. This is true and it is based on how each version of roulette is structured. While the basic rules of roulette are almost always the same, there certain additions or variations to these basic rules that will also influence how the house edge will work out in the game.

For example, in American roulette, the game features an additional zero position, known as the double zero. This adds an extra space to the wheel, and effectively gives the house an advantage of 5.26%. In other words, you have the original single zero position found in the original French version, as well as the European version, plus a new double zero position, giving you 38 spaces instead of the standard 37 spaces.

European roulette is the most widely played version of online roulette and you will find this version as standard in most online casinos. Here you are looking at a house edge percentage of 2.70%, while the original French version, which contains a few additional rules. These additional rules center on the idea of being able to get half your wager back in certain situations, which helps to reduce the house edge down to a much more competitive 1.35%.

Knowing Your Roulette Betting Options

One of the advantages of playing online roulette is that you can enjoy a wide range of betting options. This makes the game ideal for both beginner roulette players as well as advanced roulette players, as there is a betting option to suit all levels and desires. Knowing how some of the most popular bets work is a good way to get inside the game, allowing you to vary your gameplay according to how the flow of the game is turning out. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular roulette betting options.

Outside Roulette Bets

Outside roulette bets are considered to be the easiest and also the safest roulette bets that you can make. These are a great place to start if you are new to online roulette. While these bets are quite safe, they may not be ideal for more advanced roulette players as they only payout at even money (1:1) odds, or 2:1 on certain bets. Popular outside bets include betting on black, betting on red, betting on odd numbers, betting on even numbers.

Inside Roulette Bets

Inside bets are the more risky option but can also be the more rewarding and interesting bets to go for. Inside bets are generally recommended to more experienced online roulette players as they do require a bit of skill and experience. Popular inside roulette bets include straight up bets (betting on a single number), corner bets, street bets, split bets, trio bets, six line bets, and more.

Taking Advantage of Bonus Offers and Promotions

Top South African online casinos offer a variety of bonuses and other related promotions to both new and existing South African online gamblers. These can be a great way to boost your bankroll and increase your staying power with your chosen online roulette game. Most online casino bonuses offer a cash match on your first deposit, or first few deposits, this extra addition to your own money can make all the difference in how your online roulette game turns out.

You can usually also find game enhancing promotions for players who have signed up and already taken advantage of welcome bonus offers. Some of these promotions are designed to encourage roulette gaming as they enhance your overall experience of the game. Some popular roulette promotions can include cashback on your roulette losses or free chips to play live dealer roulette games.

Before taking up any casino bonus offer, you should read all of the relevant terms and conditions that go with that particular bonus offer. It is important to ensure that you understand both the qualifying conditions for the bonus offer, as well as the wagering requirements should you decide to take up the offer. Not all casino bonus offers will include roulette within their list of qualifying games, and not all wagering conditions will include certain roulette bets. This is especially true for roulette outside bets, which online casinos consider too low risk to count towards wagering conditions.

Adopting a Roulette Betting Strategy

Roulette betting strategies are very popular, particularly with newer players, although some more experienced players generally prefer to go it alone. Roulette betting strategies can be a great way to help manage your betting patters during a roulette game and there are plenty to choose from. Most roulette betting strategies are actually very old and some of them even go all the way back to when roulette was still a new game.

Some of the more popular roulette betting strategies include:

  • The Martingale roulette betting strategy
  • The Fibonacci betting strategy
  • The Paroli betting strategy
  • The Labouchere betting strategy
  • The D’Alembert betting strategy

Manage Your Bankroll

Of course picking the right roulette game, the right roulette strategy, or any other consideration, won’t really mean anything if you are unable to maintain your bankroll over a long game. Being able to effectively manage your bankroll is a key part of successful online roulette betting and it is easy to do with a little practice.

It is always a good idea to set up a few playing limits to help maintain a healthy bankroll level. What this means is that you should decide before you start playing what your maximum loss level will be and, if you reach that level, not to add more money from your bankroll to your chips. Deciding on the actual size of your bet per round is also an important consideration. If you are planning on playing for a while, it is a good idea to never bet more than around 2% of your total bankroll per bet.

Managing your bankroll effectively is also an important point if you are planning on using a roulette betting strategy. Many of these betting strategies require you to keep building on your previous bet, either in a positive betting progression, or in a negative betting progression. This means that you will need to keep doubling your bet (depending on the system). Maintaining proper bankroll management will ensure that you do not lose control and end up putting your entire bankroll on the next bet, after doubling up on losing results over several rounds.

Practice on Free Online Roulette Games

Most top South African online casinos will offer their online roulette games in two versions, one that you can play for free, and one that you can play for real money. The free versions of online roulette are also known as demo versions, and these are designed to allow prospective customers to test the games without having to deposit any of their money to do it.

However, you can use these free demo versions of roulette to your advantage. For one, you can use free roulette games to practice various betting strategies and systems. This is a great way to see if a particular betting system will work in a real world application. The beauty of doing it this way is that you don’t have to worry about risking any of your own money in the process. You can test all sorts of systems, strategies, and ideas under zero pressure conditions, the ideal environment for a bit if experimenting and learning. Playing free versions of online roulette is also a highly effective way of figuring out which type of roulette game is best suited to your particular style of play.

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