Online Casinos that Accept ecoCard / ecoPayz SA 2019: How to Deposit?

EcoCard / ecoPayz is an online e-wallet and prepaid card system which facilitates quick, safe and easy online payments to a range of web-based retailers and other sites such as online casinos. EcoCard was the first part of this highly popular online payment platform and was originally launched in 2000. This makes it one of the longest running e-wallet payment options on the net, and is still one of the most popular options for SA online casino users.

In 2009, EcoCard became a member of the MasterCard Group which allowed it to issue its own prepaid or debit cards over the internet. In 2013 the ecoCard rebranded itself as ecoPayz due to the fact that they had diversified to such an extent, that the name ‘ecoCard’ was simply too small a description for their range of unique online services.

Today, under the new name ecoPayz,users can enjoy the following options and functions:

  • ecoAccount
  • ecoCard
  • ecoVirtualCard
  • ecoPayz Business Account
  • ecoPayz Merchant Account

ecoCard / ecoPayz as an SA Online Casino Banking Option


EcoCard / ecoPayz offers a range of services and options, each with its own unique set of features. The original ecoCard is essentially a prepaid card which is associated with your ecoAccount. The ecoCard can be used to make both online and in person purchases and is available in three currencies including EUR, GBP and USD. In addition to the ecoCard, the brand have also recently introduced their eco VirtualCard which is issued over the web only. The eco VirtualCard features the ultimate in online payment convenience and is a low cost solution for making safe online payments with no transaction limits.

To summarise the main EcoCard / ecoPayz features:

  • EcoCard / ecoPayz combines a range of options including ecoCard, eco VirtualCard and e-wallet
  • Load your prepaid card to make safe and secure online payments or deposits into your SA online casino account
  • ecoCard can be used in a virtual or real world environment
  • Instantly send and receive money anywhere in the world
  • Money transfer supports over 10 different currency accounts as well as 40 different currencies
  • ecoPayz is available as a mobile phone app and allows for all of the same functionality on the go


EcoCard / ecoPayz is a fairly complex structure and is based on a ranking system which determines the type of fees one is expected to pay. The various levels which can be achieved once you’ve signed up with ecoPayz starts off with Classic level and then progresses through Silver, Gold, Platinum, and finally VIP level status. Each of the eco options, including ecoAccount, ecoCard, and ecoVirtualCard, all feature a variety of applicable fees, based on your specific level.


The ecoPayz website offers comprehensive support for all its users and is probably one of the best support pages of any online payment system on the web. Users can either make use of the extremely comprehensive frequently asked questions (FAQ) section, which addresses the vast majority of questions and issues, or contact customer support via email or live chat facilities.

ecoCard / ecoPayz vs other e-Wallets

ecoCard / ecoPayz vs Entropay

EcoCard / ecoPayz and Entropay share some similarities and quite a few differences at the same time. Both ecoCard and Entropay both feature a prepaid card feature which allows the user to upload a predetermined amount of money to the card. This allows a high degree of safety and security online as only the card itself is presented as payment option and not any of the users other details such as account number and so on. However, ecoPayz offers a wider range of other services, making it the more flexible online payment option of the two.

ecoCard / ecoPayz vs Skrill

Again EcoCard / ecoPayz and Skrill are similar in many aspects as the ecoCard and ecoPayz platform is diverse enough to compete with both prepaid cards as well as dedicated e-wallets such as Skrill. ecoPayz makes use of a tier system which allocated different fees as well as rewards, making it once again a bit more diverse and flexible compared to Skrill.


ecoCard / ecoPayz FAQ

How safe is EcoCard / ecoPayz to use at online casinos in South Africa?
EcoCard / ecoPayz is extremely safe to use at all top online South African casinos that offer the service. The brand have ensured that all of the latest online security features, such as digital SSL encryption are present at all times both on their servers and their products. this makes the ecoPayz platform one of the most secure online payment systems on the web today.
Is ecoPayz worth the effort?
It all depends on your individual needs although the ecoCard and ecoPayz platforms offer far more flexibility and diversity when compared to most other online payment systems. ecoCard includes a prepaid card which can be used online and in the real world, while ecoPayz offers a classic e-wallet feature and more.
What are the fees like with ecoPayz?
ecoPayz is structured around a tier system which includes several levels that are directly linked to the amount of fees that users pay as well as the rewards associated with the system. It is always best to contact ecoPayz customer support or simply visit the website to see how the fees are applied to each tier.
How old is EcoCard / ecoPayz?
EcoCard was originally launched in 2000 and was subsequently rebranded as ecoPayz in 2013, making it one of the oldest online payment systems on the web.
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