Classic Slots vs. Modern Bonus Slots

When you join an online casino for the first time, you will find there are many different games and categories to choose from, and once you choose these categories, you might find there are even more sections to take you directly to the games you want. For example, under the slots section, you might find options that take you to classic slots and bonus slots.

These are both slots but provide very different features and winning opportunities for your benefit. For most, these are simply different types of slots, but they are actually different in many other ways, especially when it comes to bonus features and your winning opportunities.

Below, we will talk about both of these game types and tell you exactly what to expect from them.
This will make it a lot easier to choose the type of slot you are interested in and to for help you find
the winnings you desire.

Classic Slots

As the name suggests, classic slots refer to the older game style, which used to be played with
physical trains and only a few symbols. Today, these games offer the same graphic quality as modern
slots and the results are also determined by a random number generator.
Even though they offer modern technology, these games still don’t provide easy winning but the
values they provide for any standard combination are simply mind-blowing in comparison with
bonus slots.

You won’t find any bonus features with these games, but a few developers have taken the
advantage of adding special features to give you a better chance of activating winnings. These
features would include nudges, wilds, multipliers and a few other added features that help you
activate combinations. Classic slots with bonus features once provide the same incredibly big
winnings but they do offer opportunities for those of you seeking regular winnings.

When you open a classic slot for the first time, you might find that the winnings aren’t as big as you
expected, but in actual fact, these games reward a lot bigger than modern games. You will find the
betting value in a classic slot is a lot lower as there aren’t as many paylines to cover. This means your
bet to win ratio is a lot higher, which translates into higher payouts.

Modern Bonus Slots

This category refers to all the latest games that offer huge amounts of bonus features, 5 reels and
anything from at least 10 paylines. Most online game developers focus on this section of their library
as it has become the most popular game type for slot enthusiasts.

The benefit of these games is that they include incredible bonus features, starting with anything
from special wild symbols that can expand through to free spin bonuses that include additional
second screen bonuses to further enhance your winnings.

There are many different types of modern bonus slots, some offering higher winnings with few
features while others cut down on the features but more bonuses that activate more regularly.
Either way, modern slots involves only medium risk, meaning you will win more often, even if it is
just small winnings.

The bonus features in these games tend to be the stars of the show and hold the big winnings you
desire. They offer incredible opportunities and entertain you while cash is being added to your

The disadvantage of these games is that they require a higher betting value per spin as there are
more paylines to cover. This also means your bet to win ratio is lower than that of classic slots, but
with the addition of bonus features and special symbols, it has become a brilliant option for any
players from around the world.