Online Casinos that Accept Citadel SA: Choose How to Deposit 2019

With roots that stretch back to the mid-nineties, Citadel is one of the most trusted names in finance and banking. The Citadel brand is divided into several sections, offering a range of financial products including their own unique secure online payment systems known as Citadel Direct and MyCitadel.

Both of these components are designed to offer fast, secure and efficient transacting across the web, although each has its own unique set of features and functions. Let’s take a quick look at what each one entails.

Citadel as an SA Online Casino Banking Option


Citadel Direct offers several useful features to make secure online banking as simple and efficient as possible. One of the best features of Citadel is that you do not need to open an account with them in order to make use of their services. This is a bit different from how a regular e-wallet would work and acts as more of a facilitator or gateway. There are essentially three main payment features within the Citadel Direct platform, making it one of the most flexible online payment options on the web today.

The three main payment options available within the Citadel payment platform are as follows:

  1. >A downloadable online payment wizard (guide) that assists you to make secure online payments directly from your own bank account.
  2. Citadel’s own automated payment process available exclusively on their website and works in conjunction with your own online banking.
  3. Citadel Direct reference system – also works via your own online bank but supplies you with a secure reference number which you can use to make safe and secure, instant online payments.


Currently Citadel does not charge any additional fees for making secure deposits to SA online casinos, making it a great option for the more budget conscious South African online casino gamers. There are also no additional fees attached to making fast withdrawals (usually under 24 hours) from your SA online casino. However, it is best to also check with your personal bank as some may charge an additional fee to complete the transfer of funds from.


Citadel offers complete customer support at all times for all users. There are a number of different methods by which one can communicate directly with Citadel support staff. This includes a dedicated support email address, which can be accessed directly from their website, a call centre number, and a comprehensive FAQ section which includes extensive answers within several key components or products available through Citadel, this includes:

  • Mobile banking
  • Online banking
  • Security (secure) access codes
  • Payment options

Citadel vs other e-Wallets

Citadel vs PayPal

Citadel and PayPal are quite different in a number of respects. For one thing, while PayPal is considered to be more of a ‘pure’ e-wallet, Citadel is more complex, offering far more features and options. PayPal is one of the most popular online e-wallets in the world, and the main reason for this is that it does what it does very well. However, Citadel comes with the convenience of not having to actually sign up for an account, and is more of a facilitator in this regard. This makes it a more attractive option for SA players who prefer to stay anonymous online, while still enjoying the convenience of fast and secure online payments.

Citadel vs Skrill

Skrill is another very popular e-wallet, similar in most regards to Neteller or PayPal. Again, when one compares it to Citadel we can see that the differences are significant. Skrill requires you to create or register an account with them, as well as link your bank account directly to their site. Citadel does not require you to create an account with them and allows you to make super-fast transfers between the Citadel website and your own local SA bank account.


Citadel Casino FAQ

Is Citadel safe for use at online casinos in South Africa?
Yes it is. Citadel ensures that all transactions that it facilitates through its website or e-wallet are completely safe and secure. Just like all top SA online casinos, Citadel safeguards its servers with highly sophisticated SSL (Secure Socket Layer) digital encryption, ensuring that all uploaded (deposits) or downloaded (withdrawals) data is secure from unauthorised third parties. The fact that you also do not need to create an account with them or add your banking or credit card details, adds another layer of protection.
What are the main benefits to using Citadel at South African online casinos?
Citadel provides fast, efficient and very safe transacting at most top SA online casinos. This includes the benefit of near-instant deposits which are available in your SA online casino account within minutes, and very fast withdrawals of your winnings, usually under 24 hours.
How much does it cost to use Citadel?
Currently Citadel does not charge any additional fees for either making deposits to your preferred SA online casino account, or fast withdrawals from same.
How long has Citadel been around?
Citadel is one of the longest running online financial institutions and got its start in the USA back in the mid nineteen nineties. The brand offer several options including banking, investments, and online payment options.
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